Join us for the

2013 Southern Readiness Conference

March 2, 2013

Hi There Fellow Readiness and Prepper Friends!

Great News!  You have landed on the Southern Readiness Conference Website just in time to join us for the First Annual Southern Readiness Conference.

What does this mean for you?

Basically, that we have secured a first class venue, expert speakers and the top prepper vendors in this area.  All in one place for one day only!

Friends, lets be honest… things are not taking a turn for the best out there and the time is NOW to get serious about being ready for anything that may come our way.  This doesn’t happen by sitting on our couches, hoping for the best… it happens ONE WAY ONLY… we must prepare ourselves, our families and homes for anything that may threaten our ability to protect and provide for our families.  

Here is what you can expect from this Conference:

  • Inspired Speakers, experts in the prepping, survival, readiness field sharing their experiences and preferences when it comes to being ready (and we all know that could be for anything!)
  • Local (and not so local) Vendors with display tables, real products in hand and items to buy… oh and did I say A LOT of vendors…
  • Great Food – yep we want to be sure you see / get everything you came for.. so we have decided to provide a lunch option so you can eat on campus (find out more in the details area)
  • Make Friends – did you know you could just run into your neighbor… or co-worker.. or connect with complete strangers who carry the same concerns and desire as you to be prepared for the future.

Is this Conference for you?

I like to think of the prepping family as being folks who consider all their options.. after all we are the ones who tend to be more observant, more tentative, more cautious than most (if you don’t think that’s you.. walk into a restaurant and see how long it takes you to be aware of all the exists, which is closest to you, the direct path to it, you know…just in case).  Simply put, we need to know that something is worth both our time and money.  So to ensure this conference is for you, I thought you should answer a few questions:

  • Do you feel with the state of the world’s economies, governments and climate instabilities that there are  impending changes coming?
  • Is it a priority for you to learn from the experts the best way to protect and provide for your family in the case of an emergency?
  • Have you or are you considering making a more conscious effort toward preparing for your families welfare if (when) a disaster strikes?
  • Would you just rather see, touch, hold the supplies you are investing in when it comes to survival gear (rather then buy from online where you ‘might’ get what you are expecting?)

Alrighty then.. if you answered yes to at least 1 of these questions.. you need to plan to join us on March 2, 2013 for the First Annual Southern Readiness Conference.

Click Here for Ticket and Registration Details